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Su Casa Testimonials about su casa

Our clients mean everything to us. We take great pride in making them happy and creating comfortable spaces for their families to live in.

“We had another designer years ago and I remember feeling we had spent an enormous amount of money and when things arrived, the rooms still felt barren. Vicki definitely is full service, so she will want you to feel like you are walking into a 'home' when she is through; not a house where furniture has been delivered. You may want the latter, but at least ask for her ideas as she is very talented in appointing a room, arranging displays, hanging art etc such that one is engaged and the eye is drawn upon entering. I did use Vicki for this, and still do. It is nice to know that she cares beyond the formal end of the project.”

“What I liked about Su Casa is that you get a team. It was easy to create a webbed dialogue where direction could change or stay the same. Importantly, I was comfortable. This is a real value add.”

“Su Casa is good about taking existing furnishings and altering them to fit into the scheme. In our living room here is a coffee table I got at a yard sale which Vicki simply painted. They also have an array of excellent craftsman that can update and transform things to fit as well as create new.”

“I liked that Vicki cared a lot about comfort and what it would feel like to live in the space, and that she would consider things from a male's perspective. Vicki has a very keen eye developed over years of experience in the business and enhanced by a love of aesthetics. You are guaranteed a sophisticated, high end outcome in irrefutably good taste.”